About Us

Our online magazine brings the facts to our readers in simple and plain English. We don’t use fancy words and steer well clear of jargon.

Instead, we bring accessible and easy to read articles to our general readership base, which encourages the viewer to stay on the site and see what else is on offer.

Our readers trust us to give them the facts and to tell them the truth. This means taking care over who we choose to partner with and who advertisers within our online publication.

We don’t choose our advertising content willy-nilly and we don’t accept just any product in our magazine.

We have to trust in the brands we market to our readers, because they deserve to be respected.

Our content is relevant, entertaining, informative and educational. We research the issues that we cover in depth and we have highly experienced writers on board our editorial team.

Our contributors include physiotherapists, doctors, chiropractors, dieticians, midwives and more beside. One thing they can all bring to our magazine is their authenticity and their knowledge.

Of course, not everything is approached from a purely clinical point of view. We also have a human touch and our writers and contributors bring the personal to bear in all their writing, making our publication accessible and personable.

We ask the experts for their opinion. Then we put it to the test on real people. We cover the news that matters to you, in the world of health and wellbeing.

We don’t have a bias. We look into the world of conventional and also unconventional medicine. We like to keep an open mind about the world about us and the best ways to treat our conditions.

We know that medical science is changing all the time and its advice can often conflict with other sources, so we try to get to the bottom of what is recommended and what is not, according to whom.

Finally, we welcome your real life experiences. If you have a contribution to make or a story to tell, we would love to hear from you!

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