Partner With Us

Our health and wellbeing blog is always pleased to hear from potential partners.

We work with a hand selected and niche collection of brands and products, which are tastefully featured in our blog posts.

Our brands and products are always well established and credible enterprises in their own right. Our readers feel comfortable using them and trust them implicitly,

We never promote or market any product, brand or lifestyle which we are not thoroughly convinced of on a personal basis.

With the help of our committed editorial staff, our writers will road test and try out for themselves all products, before featuring them in our online magazine.

We aim to give all dietary and lifestyle information the real life lived experience and put products and foodstuffs through their paces before we advise our readers to try them out.

This makes becoming one of our partners all the more special.

When we work with your brand or product, you know that we are properly on board with your vision, your message and your ambitions.

Our team treat your issues, as if they were our own and we do everything to explain what your idea, or product is, to the readers of our website.

But we would not place a product on our site unless we were satisfied with its efficacy.

This means that there are several brands and companies who we turn down and refuse to work with.

Our readers trust us to only inform them about reputable manufacturers, therapists and producers.

When we work with a brand, we like to see the statistics and the facts first. Once we are convinced, we do whatever it takes to promote and help your brand succeed.

The incentives for brands and product placement within our pages are very high.

We reach a very wide circulation. Our online magazine gets half a million views per month. And with regular readers totalling the tens of thousands, that is a large untapped audience out there, just waiting to hear about your product.

Unlike some publications, we do not charge a premium for appearing in our online editions.

The costs we make are modest and enable us to help continue this website, to the high standard our users have come to expect.

Instead, we trade on reputation. By appearing in our publication, you will benefit from a mutual agreement, which enhances the reputation of both parties.

For more information about how to partner with us, contact Maxine Willoughby.